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Thursday, 29 July 2010 11:22

Knoxville Ambassadors: A program on the rise.

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Knoxnews.com just ran an article about the Knoxville Ambassadors.
Here are a few excerpts from this article written by Allison Rupp: “The Ambassadors basketball program has been around for 17 years, but the Knoxville Christian Home Educator’s Athletic Association, which oversees all Ambassador teams, decided it was time to offer families more choice...

"Volleyball and softball had inaugural seasons during the 2009-2010 school year, said Wayne Shrader, president of the association. This fall a cross country team will hit the pavement and a baseball team with a former New York Yankees pitcher as its coach will start in the spring.”

We went from playing just apostolic and Christian schools to playing Pigeon Forge and Scott County.
The teams expect a strong commitment from parents and teens, Shrader said.
The basketball teams, for example, play about 40 games, including the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships in Springfield, Mo. Four of the Ambassador basketball teams played in it this season with 350 other teams and two of the teams placed in the top 20 in their divisions.
“It’s not a rec league,” Shrader said. “In order to play against public schools, you have to be at practice, have to be at games.”
“In the next few years, the Knoxville Christian Home Educator’s Athletic Association hopes to have a soccer and a football team.”

Make sure to read Allison Rupp's entire article about the Knoxville Ambassadors program at Knoxnews.com, you can read the article if you Click Here

Article Submitted by: Wayne Shrader
Published by: Robert Flatt - Sports Editor